Job: Equipment Operator/Finish Blade Operator

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

Ace Asphalt of Arizona, the leader in parking lot maintenance and construction is seeking a qualified Finish Blade Operator with 5+ years Finish Blade experience to join our Phoenix Arizona based team. Ace Asphalt of Arizona offers good pay, strong benefits, and a positive work environment. We offer benefits to include medical, dental and vision, paid vacation, and other benefits. All applicants must be drug-free, have no felony convictions, and be able to pass a physical exam appropriate for this position. 

Understand & perform startup check list.
Know Laser & Sonar Set-ups.
Understand the controls and functions of the blade.
Operate all controls and functions in a safe and non-abusive manner.
Achieve acceptable rough and finish grade in all types of soils and conditions and do so in a timely manner. Including ABC to ready to pave status.
Read & understand grades on stakes and plans then apply them to the job.
Understand soils and densities.
Watch and report wear items early enough so they can be repaired in a scheduled manner (i.e.. cutting edges, teeth, brass, hoses).
Keep equipment clean and free of trash excess dirt and non-job related items. Keep windows clean and clean cab out daily.
Control the job during necessary absence of the superintendent
Special Projects as Needed.

Skills / Requirements

3 to 5 years experience 

Important Notes

Apply in person @ Ace Asphalt of Arizona 3030 S. 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85040