Job: General Equipment Operator

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

  • Perform start-up check lists
  • Operate at least 4 of the following efficiently:  loader, scraper, skip, water pull, back hoe, dozer, bob cat, water truck
  • Operate equipment in a safe and non-abusive manner
  • Understand grade stakes
  • Watch & report wear items early enough so they can be repaired in a scheduled manner:  cutting edges, teeth, hoses, etc.
  • Keep equipment clean & free of trash, excess dirt & non-job related items.  Keep windows clean.

Evaluate equipment safety and ensure there is no equipment abuse. Always comply with all company work & safety policies.

Skills / Requirements

This position requires the ability to do following on a regular / repeated basis without restriction or sustaining injury:

  • Lift and carry 50 (+ -) pounds. 
  • Work hours as required by the job including early morning, late evening and weekend hours.  
  • Hearing appropriate for related tasks. 
  • Twist from side to side. 
  • Push, pull and carry heavy objects. 
  • Push, pull and carry objects of unique size and shape. 
  • Carry small to mid size tools. 
  • Stand for long time periods. 
  • Work without limitations in extremely hot conditions. 
  • Bending over to pick up small – mid size/weight objects.  
  • Work in a dusty environment. 
  • Climb into truck and climb ladders on truck
  • Work in field environment.  Exposed to moving mechanical parts; fumes or airborne particles; outside weather conditions, vibration and/or loud noise