Job: New Construction Estimator

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

  • Provide full estimating services for civil construction projects as assigned.
  • Accurately review and understand project drawings.
  • Develop timely and accurate quantity take off.
  • Solicit Subcontract and Supplier/Vendor quotes as necessary and analyzes quotes for quantity and specification compliance.
  • Develop bid and scope of work scenarios for each project assigned.
  • Develop bid pricing schedule and/or set up client based bid pricing schedule.
  • Prepare activity work tasks within the estimate with appropriate cost resources and production rates.
  • Read, understand and implement the specification and geo-technical report requirements.
  • Develop relevant questions regarding the scope of work, missing information or unclear specification and discuss those issues with the client or the client’s engineer.
  • Prepare concise and relevant bid proposals for each bid assigned.
  • Identify, understand and develop strategic opportunities for bid preparation.
  • Identify, understand and mitigate potential risk for each bid assigned.
  • Attend meetings, seminars and training sessions as assigned or necessary for knowledge and grow in the industry.

Skills / Requirements

bility to read blue prints

*extreme attention to detail

*able to write and read scope of work

*ability to anticipate trades that are left off a scope, based on experience in the industry

*anticipating issues & asking questions for clarity

*Computer and software literate

*able to work under tight schedules and extreme pressure

*ability to prioritize and meet deadlines

*proven track record of successful awarded jobs

*Highly organized

*able to anticipate issues

*great with follow up

*BS Degree or 5 years of equivalent experience